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Politics – Deeper Details It is a fact that the polarity of the liberals and the conservatives have only heightened along the years. It is something like a destiny because this type of situation was already happening way before if you read history books closely for sure. And that could be really be a bad spot to be in politics at the time. If you see that both parties will be working properly and together you will see how amazing a country would become, with all agendas handled perfectly and even the economy will become better, When the political parties will not get into same grounds it will really have problems, the economy will suffer and that will be a really huge problem that is why politics must always get things together. It is important that the politicians will have to acknowledge the fundamental principles for taking care of the country. And it has to be noticed that the fundamental principles must be acknowledged again because that was really important to politics before. If both parties acknowledge that they need to use the fundamental principles, things could go pretty well from then on and they will be able to handle the problems in the nation effectively. And this element has been used by the conservative party for being a conservative element. But these republicans worked hard to implement age old agendas that were used before that was forgotten by other political parties. And this is why there is a divide between the two great political parties today and that is really bad. The problem is that the Tea Party consists of only twenty five percent of the total population and they still hold majority of the congress. And this makes it even bad for the conservative party since they have to cater to the main office that they have and it can be difficult. Plus they also have to think about how they are going to handle eighty six new freshly baked Tea Party congressmen.
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The liberals will have a handful as well, it is tough to understand politics. Liberals will also have to tend to the senators because they will be handling the senate as well and that will be a handful.
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And not to mention that when during the elections, there will be chaos in the politics, there will be a lot of controversies that can really turn each other against one another. And not to mention the money that is spent in election campaigns are really a lot and that can be really wasteful if it is being spent the wrong way.